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Hello! My name is Jenna and I am a family lifestyle and portrait photographer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. I take incredible joy in capturing the bond and love families share in a way that is gentle and encouraging. It is my goal to capture families as they are at this moment in time to preserve these precious memories for a lifetime. My style is more love and connection and less "cheese", more prompting and less posing, and most of all celebrating babies' and kiddos' unique personalities and supremely awesome unpredictability.

Professional Me

Personal Me

I am a mama to one wonderfully busy little boy and wife to an incredibly patient and loving husband. When I'm not behind the camera or computer screen editing, you may find me doing infinite loads of laundry, being slightly jealous of Daniel Tiger's parents' impromptu song writing skills, teaching my toddler mad 90s dance moves, enjoying Madison summers, complaining about Madison winters or breaking out my violin to play some fiddle tunes. 

Photo Credit: Kelsey Nicole Photography

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